Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Apple

     39 short years ago Apple Computer incorporated in the Great State of California; Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were the first three employees, now there are nearly 100,000 (not to mention the literally hundreds of secondary and tertiary businesses that Apple sustains.)

     No company has had a greater impact on the world than Apple. Indeed, it has become the largest company in the world with 2014 income at nearly $200B and a market cap approaching $1T,  but even more importantly, Apple has meaningfully changed the world for the better via a number of their products and services. Many of these technologies may not have been invented by Apple, but Apple "perfected" for mass consumption the laptop, streaming music, and smart phone all the while making their products an aspirational brand to own.

     With the forthcoming introduction of the Apple Watch in several weeks, Apple has progressed from manufacturing in a family garage do-it-yourself computer kits (assembly required) to a wearable computer that will be on millions of wrists throughout the world wirelessly connecting to the best ecosystem for content, payment, and functionality. Simply amazing. The tenacity, focus on quality, and ability to consistently deliver innovative products and services is the story of both Apple and America. Happy Birthday Apple, and I wish you many more successful years to come!

Apple Garage HQ

Apple 1

Apple Macintosh

Apple Mac Performa

Apple Portable Mac

Apple Newton

Apple Mac Book Pro

Apple Shuffle, Nano, iPhone

Apple Watch

New Apple HQ