Monday, April 9, 2018

Buy and Hold On!

Take a moment fellow financial farmers and click on the image above and take a look at all the world crises...yet since 1970 $1 invested in a basket of global equities would have returned $59 by the end of 2017. Think about that for a moment. $59 dollars for every $1 originally invested. Remove the green line and look only at the headlines and few would believe that an investor would stand to get even his own original $1 back!

Being a student of the markets and economic history, I have yet to find a time period which wasn't described at "troubling" or "heady" or "uncertain." There has, however, been one constant: the desire for a better life. And that economic theme reigns supreme in mankind's evolution and greatly explains the rise in global stock markets over time.

Buy and hold on!