Friday, September 27, 2013

DJIA: 15,328.30   NASDAQ: 3878.43   OIL: $103.03   GOLD: $1,323.60  10-YR: 2.64%

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m hoping this will be an effective medium to help share my thoughts and some of the insights I’ve picked up over the years investing personally and on behalf of clients.

Let’s lay the foundation today prior to providing any market commentary just yet. The first question is probably what exactly does “Invest Like A Farmer” mean? 

Investing like a farmer is more than just a methodology or a strategy; I believe it is a thought process that when enacted can make great things happen today, tomorrow, and well into the future.  At its core, investing like a farmer involves a thoughtful portfolio selection process, a pre-defined holding time, and an understanding of macroeconomics.  All of these factors come to bear for the financial farmer.

Over the course of the next couple weeks, months, and years I’ll delve deeper into this theory of investing.  I look forward to sharing my investment process with you and also systematically improving the format, content, and overall delivery experience with each successive post.

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