Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar

…as the Dow DJIA hits yet another record close. Is the end is sight? Is this mighty bull due for a breather? Probably not. 

Frequent readers of this blog (all five of you) know that I have been bullish from the start of this run and have consistently predicted Dow 20,000 by the end of 2016. I see no reason to modify this standing call; the Fed's dovish tone, the real estate market's recovery, and the job picture all point toward higher and higher closes.

Clouds on the horizon? Plenty. The U.S. involvement in the never-ending Middle East wars is the most obvious concern, particularly to what lasting role this country will play in the region and also the net migration of a clear and present danger to our own shores keep this investor up at night. The response to the conflict in Ukraine was tepid at best, and fading by the day. Finally, the biggest potential danger from a macro-standpoint is an ebola-like (or just actually ebola) jumping in form-factor and consequently delivering a knockout blow to our medical response system.

Of these three concerns, only the last is probably one that can be adequately addressed and communicated with a valid solution to the American public; let's hear the plan to fight an inbound devastating pathogen. Lay out the blueprint Mr. President. The former concerns present no clear solutions, and we will undoubtedly be mired in Middle East conflict for years in one form or another until the utility of oil has been exhausted. The situation in the Ukraine only leads one to suspect it will fester and possibly grow to other regions as there seems to impetus to contain aggressive expansion.

With that said, it is hard to believe the that the path forward will not be up; every couple weeks there is a momentary pullback of several percent which has proven to be an excellent time to add to existing positions. The incremental gains of several years now are compounding both in valuation/dividends and more importantly, even hiring; expect that to continue. The IPO market is robust and technology (thank you Silicon Valley) keeps introducing better ways--both to do things and things themselves.

Make hay while the sun is shining fellow financial farmers!