Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dow 20,000

     So close you can almost taste it...Dow 20,000! Will we hit this milestone before the end of 2016 as I predicted 3 years ago? Maybe. Maybe Not. But what's the story behind the story? The impetus that drove a tepid market up 2,000 points over the past 80 days? Behavioral Economics fellow investors explains it all.

     Never underestimate the power of the psyche in market movements, especially ones centered on signifiant social, political, and economic events.  The reality over the coming 120 days is probably even brighter than sobbing, dour progressive pundits could possibly imagine...prosperity is at hand again. You can bet the farm that the proposed policy changes implemented beginning in January 2017 will have massive positive effects benefiting millions of Americans across the entire socioeconomic spectrum. Lower taxes across the board for the Middle Class, repatriation of TRILLIONS in overseas corporate cash, and...hold your breath here...a pro-growth administration hell-bent on restoring American industry in such hated sectors as manufacturing, energy, and finance. My fellow farmers,  Dow 20,000 is already here.