Saturday, January 13, 2024



"Where there is smoke, there is fire," the old adage goes. So too is the relationship between corruption and inflation; where one finds raging inflation, inevitably one will find corruption pushing those prices up via any number of nefarious schemes.
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consider the following facts since January 2021: Overall Inflation UP 17.2%, with Food UP 33.7%, Housing UP 18.7%, and Energy UP 32.8%. If you are a small business owner or someone working in the private sector paying full boat for your mandated healthcare insurance, that number is approaching UP 50% depending in which state your reside. It is no wonder that inflation is often referred to as "the silent killer."

When too many dollars chase to few goods or services, inflation is the natural result. Too few goods or services are often a victim of government regulation which often seeks to control outcomes by restricting free market choice. Stifling private competition is a classic tactic of big government.

Joe Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act," culpably passed by Congress, is as laughable as a Netflix comedy special. It may have done more damage to America than anything since Obamacare was forced upon us. The destruction to the economy is in the trillions, as freedom of choice has been destroyed and replaced with mandatory purchases at government mandated prices.
Consider how crazy things have become: If you do not purchase healthcare insurance as a legal California resident, you can be thrown in jail. Yet, if you are an illegal resident in California, you are provided with free healthcare insurance. Think about that one.

How did we get here? Tremendous power begets tremendous lobbying. And the taxpayer citizen really has no representation at an individual level anymore. The best a taxpayer citizen can hope for is perhaps membership in a labor union to shake down other taxpayers or such wealth that they cannot be ignored by their "representatives."
Barring those two scenarios, a taxpayer citizen is left at the whim of chance. The net result of fiscal corruption results in inflation which reduces your purchasing power. Your "fair share" has silently become whether you can afford to buy a house, start a family, or even retire in dignity.