Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Risky Business

Risky Business

In the classic movie Risky Business Tom Cruise's character Joel Goodsen says, in a slightly edited version, "Sooner or later, a man has to say 'What the heck, and make his move!'" The Federal Reserve is stuck in neutral as "transitory" inflation over the past 38 months has PROVEN to be "sticky." The Fed needs to make their move.

With the Truflation© index now well over 50% in the past 3 years, it is difficult to understand WHY the Federal Reserve has not continued to hike rates. Gas alone in California is up over 75% from Jan 21 until today! The other components of the index are also all markedly higher. The value of the dollar is collapsing all around us, yet no one in Washington, DC seems to care.

When the Federal Reserve does not do its job, literally billions of people around the world suffer. This is the impact of having the world's reserve currency, great responsibility. NOT making decisions based on data visible by everyone at the pump, grocery store, landlord's office, health insurance premium stub, or at the bursar is a dereliction of duty.
The Federal Reserve has a both a fiscal and moral responsibility to maintain a stable currency. It is failing terribly at this, as evidenced by massive price instability. Historically, price instability has proven to be disastrous. The domino effects of price instability often result in the toppling of nations.

Resolution to the inflation crisis can be straight-forward and transparent, raising interest rates until Truflation© falls and prices stabilize, or it can be exceedingly painful by doing nothing and watching while multiple demand shocks hit the economy. Hopefully elected leaders choose a sustainable future starting first with price stability.