Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Friend Benjamin

I have a good friend named Benjamin I'd like to talk to you about today. Although he's also known by Benji, since this is a serious financial blog I will address him by his given name.

Now as a financial farmer there are many good reasons to own equities; appreciation, income, and liquidity of assets immediately come to mind. We have discussed at length the concepts of putting together a financial farm, diversity of holdings, and leaving fields fallow occasionally as well. We may be entering 12-18 months of diminishing growth with little inflation, and perhaps even global deflation on some levels. That typically doesn't bode well for equities. My friend Benjamin, however, is almost always a good person to have around.

First, Benjamin is very popular. He can actually get into any club he wants to, whenever he wants to, almost anywhere in the world. That's pretty cool. To say he is "widely accepted" would be a serious understatement, Benjamin is often asked for by name. He's just always been someone people like to have around. He actually has more friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter than all the other celebrities combined. So that's cool.

Second, he gets things done! Benjamin is a man of action who is an expert at many trades, skilled in manufacturing, and dominates much of the service industry. If you need something done or want to add something to your financial farm, Benjamin is the man to call. Even in this day in age, Benjamin still is pretty much the "go-to" guy for nearly anything on Angie's List, eBay, or Wall Street. Not to mention the supermarket, gas station, or heaven forbid the hospital.

Third, Benjamin has your back; in good times and in bad times it has been a good thing to keep him close by; gold? Yeah, good luck finding a smelter at midnight! He's a heavy hitter, but only weights a gram, he's got all types of security features going on to protect you, and Benjamin respects your privacy. Don't even get me started on loyalty. The IRS respects Chuck Norris, but fears Benjamin because only he can settle all your debts, both private and public. Now that's somebody who has your back!

If you haven't had a chance to meet Benjamin, look him up and don't be shy about making him your friend too…there are just so many good qualities about him not to make Benjamin an integral part of your life.