Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ode to the Taxpayer

Ode to the Taxpayer

Taxpayer burdens increases by the day, yet their representation crumbles with the dilution of citizenship. How long can the Republic last?

Inflation, corruption, and dilution are all intricately linked. As financial farmers poor economic and monetary policy steals your seed capital, and ultimately your harvest as inflation swindles us all. The cost to plant is higher. The cost of the land is higher. Fertilizer is higher. Labor is higher. Even God's water is higher. All of this is a result of too many dollars chasing too few goods.

Obviously there is a problem(s). The current economic cycle *should* be firing on all cylinders as we are well out of the pandemic. But as any farmer knows, it is tough to make progress with the plow stuck. And that is where we are right now. Inflation has ripped the heart out of the American growth miracle and left us hobbled, bleeding out in a fallow field.

Until the ravages of inflation are dealt with we are in a precarious position. And the lonesome taxpayer will be called upon, yet again, to bail out a government increasingly bought and paid for by foreign interests (read China.)

But even this would be surmountable if the value of citizenship wasn't being diluted by the hour. That is the crux of the problem dear readers. A society's riches can only support a finite number of people well. Historically, those people have been citizens with the legal right to accept the largess of their own labors. 

The value of citizenship was similar to farming; the land from which you toiled yielded crops for your benefit as you tended the land, harvested the crops, and received benefits in return for your labor, intelligence, and sacrifice. Abundance came with increased work, yield from the fields, and protection from droughts, plagues, and marauders all capable of stealing your harvest.

We now have too few in the Middle Class, typically the 85% of the population working in small, family-owned businesses that built America, bearing too much of the yoke. Representatives are no longer representing their constituents. The Federal Government is no longer enforcing laws in violation of their respective oaths of office. What we're seeing is the collapse of a country. Next on the ballot? "Non-citizen voting rights."

Citizen-taxpayer options are steadily decreasing. Most now work for the privilege and duty of paying taxes to support healthcare for all, education for all, housing for all, etc., etc. And the tax burden grows. Get ready for the 1099-Ks coming your way in 2023 for purchases/sales of $600 or more. All while the barn door is open out back letting TRILLIONS blow away.

So here's a toast to you taxpayer, on the final day of withholding in 2022: Make sure you withhold some money (preferably gold) for yourself, and if you've taken a 30% haircut this year in your income, make sure the IRS gets their haircut too. We're in this together, right?
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