Sunday, March 6, 2022

Flying Proud

 Flying Proud

We can learn a lot from the Ukrainians. Under siege from a Russian horde, Ukraine is fighting back in a 1776esque David vs. Goliath war. Zelenskyy is gaining the moniker of "Churchill," while Putin sits alone at the end of a 40-ft table. How did we get to the cusp of World War III? 

Weakness arouses evil. Like a crack addict on a street corner looking to score their next hit, Western countries became completely addicted to cheap, abundant Russian oil and gas. They relinquished their sovereignly by becoming dependent on Russian fossil fuels. America helped abandoning our energy independence, ie killing the Keystone Pipeline, restricting domestic production, and also suckling on the tit of Russian oil to the tune of ~8% of our daily energy needs. Evil was aroused by this weakness.

Oddly, Biden still has an opportunity still to fix this mess. But it will take leadership, and unlike Zelenskyy's Churchill performance, Biden is looking more and more like Neville Chamberlain...a shrinking violet. If indeed Biden DOES want to do something effective and not continue with the script of "Wag the Dog," then a simple sentence can begin the healing.

Biden has the power TODAY to kill inflation, crush the Russians, and rally the global markets with a single sentence: "I'm reversing my domestic energy policy effective immediately." That will act as a catalyst to jumpstart a legit Western response. Yes, the existing financial sanctions are slowly acting as an anaconda, squeezing the Russian people out of Western goods, services, and even fresh borsht. But we need to do more.

Ukraine matters. If you don't think so, take a look at gas prices at the pump or take a look at your 401k balance recently. For the Ukrainian people, however, they are looking through a different lens. They see rubble, smell smoke, and taste despair. The West needs to provide arms for the Ukrainians to defend their country. The USA needs to drill baby, drill. And financial farmers need to think like the Rothschilds who built a financial empire with a simple strategy: "Buy when there is blood in the streets."