Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Case for Gold

 The Case for Gold

Physical gold that can be carried with you or stashed has been the backbone of wealth for thousands of years; hordes of gold coins are still being found in England that date from Roman times! The recent invasion of Ukraine further illustrates the case for gold.

Gold is an ideal store of wealth because it is compact, rare, liquid, valuable, useful, portable, universal, elemental, incapable of being created by man, hard(er) to seize, doesn't rust, and you can stash it almost anywhere.

In contrast to "crypto," in which nearly everything is known about the buyer and seller, where it can be seized almost at any time by any government agency for any reason, and if there is a thunderstorm you potentially lose all access to your wealth, gold offer significant advantages.

There is no better example of the value of gold than the current situation in Ukraine. Millions are fleeing the Russian onslaught and have to leave behind their belongings, real estate, and bank accounts (save what they were able to withdraw at the last minute.) Refugees are literally leaving with the clothes on their backs and whatever they can put in their pockets.

When the grid is down and your crypto is frozen, your AMEX is worthless, and nobody is taking your cash, gold is the proverbial golden ticket out. Physical gold should be a component of every financial farmer's portfolio.
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